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The Top-Grossing Broadway Shows of All Time

The name ‘Broadway’ is synonymous with some of the most incredible theatre productions in the world and here we explore the top-grossing Broadway shows of all time.

The Lion King: $1,463,250,000

Based on the 1994 Disney animated film of the same name, not only is The Lion King Broadways third-longest-running show, but it’s also its highest grossing. Since it opened in 1997, the show has consistently drawn sold-out crowds and played for its first nine years at the New Amsterdam Theatre.

Wicked: $1,190,775,000

Sold as the backstory for the witches who feature in The Wizard of Oz, Wicked opened on Broadway in 2003 and was an instant hit. Known for its star-making performances, Wicked has been run at The Gershwin – Broadway’s largest theatre – since 2003.

The Phantom of the Opera: $1,150,057,000

The Phantom of the Opera recently celebrated its 30th anniversary making it the longest-running Broadway show of all time. By far one of Broadway’s most beloved musicals, The Phantom of the Opera has been made famous thanks to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s score and Maria Björnson’s costume and production design.

Mamma Mia! : $624,391,700

As the ninth-longest running show in Broadway’s history, Mamma Mia! is also the fourth highest-grossing production of all time. With a score comprising solely of ABBA hits, Mamma Mia! was Broadway’s first official jukebox musical.

Chicago: $613,892,600

While Chicago originally opened on Broadway in 1975 and ran for a total of 936 performances over 2 years, its 1996 revival has far eclipsed its original success – much like betting sites have come to outshine traditional betting parlours. Now, with over 9,000 performances under their belt, Chicago has become the longest-running American musical of all time.

Jersey Boys: $558,416,100

Jersey Boys draws from the real-life experiences of the American rock band, The Four Seasons, and constructed an original story around their music. The chart-topping musical score and incredible performances of the true story became an instant hit with audiences and Jersey Boys has now been running for an incredible 12 years.

The Book of Mormon: $546,598,400

While there were many sceptics when Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park, announced that they were writing a musical, no one could’ve predicted what a runaway success it would become. Through poking fun at the Salt Lake City-based religion, The Book of Mormon is a hilarious musical which continues to be one of Broadway’s most popular.

Hamilton: $463,350,500

Although Hamilton has only been run since 2015, it has quickly become one of Broadway’s most successful and popular musicals. Telling the story of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton through song and rap, Hamilton has won numerous awards and is based on the biography by Ron Chernow.

Beauty and the Beast: $429,158,500

Beauty and the Beast was the first Disney musical brought to Broadway. The idea to adapt the film into a Broadway musical came when New York Times theatre critic Frank Rich described Howard Ashman and Alan Menken’s work as “the best Broadway musical score of 1991” and three years later the stage adaption opened at Broadway’s Palace Theatre.

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