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6 Tips for Superb Theatre Etiquette

People love going to the theatre, it’s a pastime that spans the entirety of the planet. From the old and classic theatres of London to the modern theatres of Las Vegas, it’s still one of the most popular ways to spend an evening for many people, despite all of our modern entertainment.

But the theatre commands the respect of all those that attend it, and like all historic pastimes, there are certain etiquettes that need to be learnt. These are not so much the law of the theatre, but rather unspoken rules – for the most part – that most theatre-goers adhere to.

1. Arrival Times

Whether it’s the West End venue in London, or a smaller theatre performance at the local community centre, arriving early is extremely important, especially if there are tickets involved.

Arriving at least half an hour before the show starts is highly advised, so it’s important to not get too distracted by a good show or game of online pokies NZ.

2. What To Wear

This depends wholly on what the play is and the theatre it’s being performed at. For classical theatre, most people tend to dress extremely formally; it’s meant to be a special night out, and dressing up to the nines is a common practise, but formal clothing isn’t quite as prevalent as it used to be.

Many people attending the theatre tend to prefer to be comfortable, especially if it’s a long show, and wearing something more comfy can sometimes be more ideal.

3. Bringing Food

Theatres tend to not be as strict as cinemas, and many will allow their viewers to bring food in while they watch the show. It’s generally considered quite rude to enter the theatre with a food container that makes a lot of noise or smells.

Constant rustling will annoy everyone around, so it’s best to take in something that can be eaten without making too much noise if possible.

4. Alcohol

It’s a similar story with alcohol. While most cinemas won’t allow their audience to take in any kind of alcoholic beverage, many theatres often encourage their guests to sip on a glass of wine while they enjoy the show.

It’s also fairly common to have a round of pre-drinks before the start of the show, and it’s also common that the theatre require that all drinks be put in a plastic cup.

5. Mobile Phones

This is one where theatres tend to be quite strict. Mobile phones are required to be turned off at all times during the show, and taking calls is enough to have a person removed.

Even having the light of the screen can cause distraction, so it’s best to keep the phone off while the show is on.

6. Talking/Whispering/Laughing

Reactions to the show are all part of the theatre experience, and laughing at a comedy scene or gasping at a twist are all welcome in the theatre.

Talking amongst a group is generally unwelcome, however, and it’s best to try and keep vocal interactions to a minimum if possible.

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