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Benefits of Going to the Theatre

Live theatre is still popular, even in this age of technology where we can stream anything and watch from anywhere, or even access a no deposit casino online, all from the comfort of your home.  If you enjoy music, dancing or drama then going to the theatre can be a whole new experience for you. Not only can theatre be fun, it also has many benefits and is a wonderful cultural experience.

By going to the theatre and watching something live you can establish a connection and a better understanding of humanity.  In many live theatre plays there is usually an element of human conflict involved which can help people to relate to each other as well as offer some sort of guide to our own personal relationships.

Watching live theatre also gives the audience a way to access their emotions that they may not usually connect with.  No matter what genre you are watching, whether it is a tragedy, comedy or musical there is often a part of it that will extend beyond your own experiences.

A study performed by the University of Arkansas showed how the effects of live theatre benefitted students. There are emotional benefits that showed that there was an increased ability to understand and empathise with how other people are feeling and how they react.  The study was done together with a control group that watched the movie adaptation of the play and the results were not as clear as those who watched the live play.

Theatre Makes You Happy

The main thing that separates theatre from movies or books is the human element and if you watch plays made into movies the performance may be the same but the experience of watching it will be different.  There is a connection formed between the performers and the audience as well as a connection between the members of the audience because they share a physical space, unline when you use a no deposit casino online.

All types of theatre are beneficial, plays and musicals are the ones that will probably make you laugh and are great for mental and emotional health.  A study done showed that laughter is an excellent way for stress relief and increases endorphins in the short term.  It also pushes up blood pressure, but then releases it, which makes you feel relaxed and also allows more oxygen to the lungs and heart. In the long run laughter will strengthen the immune system and releases various chemicals based upon how you are thinking.  Being positive helps the brain fight stress compared to other chemicals resulting from negative thinking.

Local Theatre is Best

When looking to attend a live performance consider a local community group or amateur theatre group.  In this way you are supporting your community where people are able to try things they would not normally do such as singing, dancing and acting on a stage. It is also less expensive and with smaller venues you get more out of the performances.

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