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5 Tips To Stay Healthy As An Actor

Despite the life that acting seems to afford for many people, there’s no denying that it’s a profession that can become physically demanding in the right situation, especially in a world where it can be difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Learning how to take care of yourself when entering the acting world can seem like a serious challenge, especially when dealing with auditions, late night shoots, and the day-to-day labours that come with acting. These are some easy ways of maintaining your health and stamina as an actor.

1. The Right Foods

The body requires a specific number of calories and nutrients throughout the day in order to produce enough energy to keep us going. The best way to provide what it needs is to eat nutrient-dense foods such as quality fish, chicken, along with carbohydrates.

It’s important that the right carbs are eaten, however, so it’s best to consume brown rice, veggies, sweet potatoes, and fruit in moderation.

2. Eating At The Right Time

Eating carbohydrates at the right times during the day can make a big difference to the body’s reserves of energy. It’s recommended to eat higher complex carbs, such as oatmeal, rice, and sweet potatoes earlier in the day – before 4 p.m. – but they’re best eaten as early as possible, maybe during a morning casino .

After 4 p.m. it’s best to switch over to simpler, lower-calorie carbohydrates, such as spinach, squash, and broccoli.

3. Never Skip Breakfast

When we get up from a full night’s sleep, our body is starved for fresh energy, which means eating breakfast can provide it with enough nutrients to kick start many of its daily functioning. Breakfast may seem like a chore, especially early in the morning, but it’s importance can’t be stressed enough.

It’s also best to avoid starchy foods in the morning, such as muffins as bagels, as these high-sugar foods can cause the body’s energy to crash later on in the day, and makes it easier to gain weight.

4. Stay Hydrated

This may seem simple enough, but almost all people in the world suffer from chronic dehydration that can cause exhaustion along with a number of other health issues. Staying hydrated is not only good for energy, but it can improve digestion, skin, and can help keep the weight off while allowing the body to more easily get rid of any toxins.

Fresh, filtered water is recommended, and the amount that needs to be consumed can vary depending on weight and levels of activity throughout the day. A person can never have too much water, and it’s virtually impossible to drink too much.

5. Exercise

It may seem counter-productive to exercise daily when trying to keep energy at a certain level, but countless studies have shown that exercise actually allows our bodies to perform more efficiently if it’s in good shape.

Exercise, along with avoiding nicotine and alcohol, can mean energy that will last throughout the day, no matter how busy.

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