Little Theatre Blog Plays Popular Plays Based On Television Shows

Popular Plays Based On Television Shows

Most of us have probably heard of a lot of popular films that were originally based on theatrical performances, sometimes dating back decades or centuries. For a long time, the theatre was a great source of inspiration for movie producers, but over the last twenty years, we’ve begun to see more and more plays basing their material on movies and shows instead.

In fact, a lot of modern plays that have become extremely popular have been, surprisingly, based on well-known television shows, often going back a few decades. Let’s explore some of the best plays around that were inspired by television.

1. The Addams Family – 2009

The Addams Family from 2009 is a musical that was based on the famous TV series, which itself was an expansion of a comic strip from the 1960s. The plot of the musical is based around the relationship that Wednesday has with a normal boy who comes from a “normal” family.

Each character in the play has their own choreography and music, both of which help to reveal more about the traits of the important characters. The play stars actors such as Carolee Carmello, Bebe Neuwirth, Wesley Taylor, Nathan Lane, and many more.

2. 90210! The Musical! – 2016

90210 was a show from the 1990s that often took itself a little too seriously, and Tobly and Bob McSmith quickly recognised the value in having a musical based on the ‘90s show, but with plenty of extra parodies involved to make it more entertaining, with a specific focus on everything that made the ‘90s unique.

The McSmiths are the same team responsible for musicals based on other popular shows, such as Saved by the Bell as well as Full House.

3. The SpongeBob Musical – 2017

Most kids who grew up in the late 1990s and early 2000s will be familiar with Spongebob Squarepants, an incredibly popular animation that has retained much of its popularity all these years later, and great to watch when not enjoying online gambling in Dubai.

The Spongebob Musical, released in the spring of 2017, makes use of the unique attributes of the main characters, with emphasis put on their personalities that sets them apart from their Nickelodeon inspirations. Directed by Tina Landau along with Kyle Jarrow, much of the musical offers an entirely new plot that completely separate from the episodes on the show.

4. Gilligan’s Island – 1994

Sherwood Schwartz had help with his children when producing his musical based on a television show from the 1960s, one that was cherished by millions at the time. It also holds the record for being the first musical based on a TV show, and like most originals, it was met with widespread acclaim by both the public and critics.

Anyone familiar with the original show will easily be able to keep up with what’s going on in the musical, as much of the plot is based on the shipwrecked islanders and their adventures as they fight off an alien or search of lost treasure.

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