Little Theatre Blog Plays The Best Foreign Musicals Worth A Watch

The Best Foreign Musicals Worth A Watch

There are plenty of Western-based musicals that have gained popularity over the last few decades. Musicals that brought incredible, unforgettable performances that their audiences have never forgotten. But they are also fairly limited in number, and anyone with a love of musicals will most likely have seen all the best on offer already.

Fortunately, musical lovers will be glad to learn that there are dozens of foreign musicals that have made the rounds over the years. Many of these are not performed in English, but the talent and emotion conveyed in each completely transcends the language barrier. With that in mind, these are the best foreign musicals that are a definite must-see.

Notre Dame De Paris

This incredibly popular musical earned its reputation among French fans, and was premiered in 1999 in the city of Paris The single, “Belle” was one among the most beloved songs of the time, and was a best selling pop song in Belgium and France.

It never made its way to New York City, a version made in English did find its way to Las Vegas in 2000.

Monte Cristo

Russia isn’t well known for its musicals, save for Monte Criso, which became an international hit. The storyline is based on the famous Alexandre Dumas novel, and after it debuted in 2008 in Moscow, the musical would go on to be played in both South Korea as well as China.

It boasts a pop-opera style of music that took a lot of its inspiration from the classic novels from the author of the international favourite, “The Count Of Monte Cristo.”

Mozart, l’opera Rock

Another French musical, this one is based on famous musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozard, and was released in the city of Peris in 2009. Not long after its premier, it would be played in Switzerland and Belgium.

It’s leading song, “Tatoue-moi” managed to take a number 1 spot in France during the year, and while a Broadway feature has been proposed in the past, it has yet to make its way to the United States as of yet, although the chance still remains for the future, but fans will have to make do with online bingo sites for entertainment in the meantime.


Rebecca’s creation was based on the Daphne du Maurier novel, and was a German musical that saw its first premier in 2006 in Vienna. LAter on it would be played around the world, including Tokya, Helsinki, as well as Budapest.

Along with a number of workshop performances, as well as a reading in the West End, the musical was proposed to be played on Broadway for many years, although it was stuck in development for most of them. It would eventually make an appearance on Broadway in 2017, where it became an instant hit.

Soldier of Orange

This performance was centered around the Dutch film of the same name that was released in 1977. It was opened to the public in 2010, and was first enjoyed in Katwijk.

The story of Soldier of Orange takes place during the Second World War, and originally took place in an airbase that had been converted into a theatre.

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