Little Theatre Blog Plays Broadway’s 8 All-Time Most Popular Shows

Broadway’s 8 All-Time Most Popular Shows

Broadway is always packed with epic and exciting shows to see, but some of them have stood the test of time to become the world’s most popular plays. Here are 8 of the world’s most popular (and highest grossing) Broadway shows that you need to see at least once – if you haven’t seem them already, that is!

#8: Chicago

Chicago follows the adventures of two female murderers, Roxy Hart and Velma Kelly, as they grapple with the fame and corruption that follows them after their crimes. The show is renowned for its minimalist outfits and sets and attractive noir appeal, which allows the audience to focus wholly on the characters and their musical numbers.

This is the second-longest running show on Broadway, falling just behind another cult classic, Phantom of the Opera.

#7: Fiddler on the Roof

This is a story about pairing old traditions with the unique quirks of modern life. In the play, a poor Jewish family tries to marry off their oldest daughter to a man many years her senior, but she is having none of it!

Some of the most iconic songs from Fiddler on the Roof include Sunrise, Sunset and If I Were a Rich Man.

#6: Kinky Boots

This heartwarming musical traces the story of the owner of a battling shoe factory, who must find a whole new shoe demographic after discovering that his older styles are no longer sustainable to make.

After a fortuitous encounter with a drag queen, he decides to try a new route; making high heels for men. The Broadway musical has won six Tony Awards so far, including Best Musical.

#5: Wicked

Wicked is iconic, from its amazing set design to its impeccable score. Based on a novel by Gregory Maguire, the play tells the story of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West from the classic Wizard of Oz story.

In this retelling, the witch is actually a kind and sympathetic character instead of a nefarious one, and strikes up a surprising friendship with the Good Witch Glinda along her travels.

#4: West Side Story

This unconventional tale of romance follows the love that blossoms between a Puerto Rican girl and an Italian boy from rival gangs in New York City’s West Side.

It’s a modern take on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and boasts hit songs like I Feel Pretty, Tonight, and Maria. West Side Story first hit theatres in 1957, and also has a feature film to its name today.

#3: Les Miserables

This emotional musical epic focuses on the French Revolution, and more specifically, the tale of Jean Valjean.

Valjean is sent to prison after stealing a loaf of bread while starving, and after his release, battles to escape his criminal past. This is the fifth-longest running show on Broadway, and for very good reason!

#2: Hamilton

The tale of the man on the ten dollar bill has been the number-one smash hit on Broadway from day one. The show fuses a unique pairing of rap and song for a result even more entertaining than online pokies NZ, and Hamilton is such a beloved character that even Barack Obama has sung his praises in the past.

To date, the show has 11 Tony Awards under its belt!

#1: The Phantom of the Opera

In this cult classic by Andrew Lloyd Webber, a young opera singer encounters a mysterious figure who claims to be an ‘angel of music’ sent to her by her late father.

The show holds the record for the longest running musical, as well as the most performances of a single musical to date.

It has also won 7 Tony Awards, and spawned a highly successful film a few years ago.

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