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How To Find Your “Type” As An Actor

When it comes to your “type” as an actor or actress it’s not about your personality, but about the types of personalities or characters that you look suited to portray.

Understanding the Core Tenets of Method Acting

Method acting is without a doubt one of the most famed forms of acting out there. It has been used by iconic Hollywood actors like Nicolas Cage, Heath Ledger, Robert

Audition Tips for Kids to Succeed in Theatre

If you’ve got a budding actor or actress on your hands, a good place for them to start their career is in theatre. The versatility of theatre is great for

Guide to Starting as an Actor in Later Life

Perhaps it’s always been your dream to be an actor or actress, but life seemed to get in the way and now you fear that it’s too late and you’re

How To Successfully Build Confidence for Acting

A good actor can only act as well as their confidence allows. There are a number of skills that need to be learnt before getting in front of the camera,

6 Top Tips for Acting on Camera

Whether you’re completely new to acting or a veteran of the stage, there is plenty to be learned about acting on camera. While you may have mastered capturing the audience

The Ultimate Guide to Method Acting

Also known simply as the Method, Method Acting is widely regarded as one of the most iconic and challenging acting techniques in the world and also one of the most

Acting Tips For Beginners

It’s easy to disregard acting as a profession that doesn’t require a lot of skill. In fact, it’s fairly common to hear people complain about the large amounts of money

4 Body Language Tips To Ace Auditions

Human beings have been acting for as long as there’s been an audience, and there’s nothing more basic than a local play. Whether it’s a recreation of Hamlet or an