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Audition Tips for Kids to Succeed in Theatre

If you’ve got a budding actor or actress on your hands, a good place for them to start their career is in theatre. The versatility of theatre is great for children and teens and you should consult our theatre audition tips for kids to help them stand out from the crowd.

Being Nervous is Good

Don’t worry about feeling too nervous to audition. In fact, you should embrace all that nervous energy and instead turn it into good energy. If you feel the nerves getting the better of you, have a snack and make conversation with those around you.

Your first audition will be the hardest, but after that you’ll get more used to how theatre auditions work and become more comfortable as time goes on.

Prepare with the Right Material

When trying out for a play, we suggest preparing a 1 minute monologue and if you’re auditioning for a musical, prepare 16 or 32 bars of a song. Prepare a piece that shows off your talents and don’t sing anything that is out of your voice range, no matter how much you like the song.

Honestly, it doesn’t actually matter what you perform, as long as you do it well.

Don’t Over-Rehearse

Will you absolutely must prepare ahead of your audition, remember not to over-rehearse.

When casting for a production, the directors will be looking for young actors and actresses who stand out from the crowd – similar to how online betting NZ stands out from the rest – and you’ll be overlooked if you’re too stiff. Let your natural personality shine through.

Arrive Early to the Audition

We suggest arriving 10 minutes before your scheduled audition time as this will allow you to become comfortable in the space, collect your thoughts, and run over your lines or song one more time.

Most importantly, don’t forget to breathe as this will also help you overcome any nerves or jitters you may be feeling.

Be Flexible

While the casting directors will want to see or hear what you’ve performed, they may also ask you to stray away from your prepared material in order to test other acting skills.

If that does occur, remember to listen to the director and follow his / her directions without asking too many questions. Stay on topic and you’ll stand a fighting chance.

Enjoy Yourself

Even if you’re auditioning for a more serious play or musical, the director wants to see that you’re enjoying yourself and that you want to be there.

Have fun with it and see your audition as the chance to do what you love – perform! Go out there, show your passion and you’ll knock their socks off!

Dealing with Rejection

Sadly, you won’t be successful in every audition you have, but don’t let it get you down. It’s especially important that you don’t take it personally, as the directors would’ve chosen someone who is simply more suited to the role.

We can assure you that even Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame didn’t land every role he auditioned for!

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