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How To Become A Theatre Actor

It’s easy to think that in the modern age of blockbuster films with the best CGI that money can buy also means that other, more traditional forms of entertainment are on their way out, with theatre being one such example. While it’s true that in overall sheer numbers, Hollywood reigns supreme, drawing in billions of dollars in profit every year. But that doesn’t mean that theatre is an any kind of real danger – in fact, some might argue that theatre is more popular than ever.


This could be potentially great news for aspiring actors that have no interest in being part of Hollywood and would rather be a part of theatre performances instead. While it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and even sacrifice, it’s still possible in this day and age to become a professional theatre actor.


Acquire The Background Theory And Experience


Of course, being an actor is like any kind of vocation. A person needs to build up their skillset over time, and a part of this has to be done through education. Many movie actors began their careers working in the theatre, but before that they generally will attend some kind of tertiary institution.


Fortunately, drama majors in many universities are still very much a thing that a student can sign up for, and it’s a great way to learn about the theories that are behind acting, as well as the history of some of the greatest plays of all time. Earning a degree is recommended for most aspiring actors, and choosing specific majors can look good on a CV.


It’s also a good idea to attend any drama classes or similar group events, allowing the actor to gain experience and become more comfortable performing in front of other people.

Move Closer To Theatres


This one, unfortunately, cannot be avoided. Similar to being a part of Hollywood and moving to Los Angeles, anyone that wants to start performing in the theatre will actually have to be close to one. The good news is that theatres are generally not hard to find in larger cities, they continue to grow in popularity with each passing year. For those in the United States, the two biggest theatre scenes that are worth being a part of is either New York’s Broadway or the emerging theatre industry in Los Angeles.


Of course, there are other cities where the theatre has become extremely popular, such as London or Sydney. It might be worth it to first build experience with theatres that are situated in cheaper cities, as the above mentioned areas can be expensive to live in, although a side job or winning money from mobile pokies NZ is more than possible.




Another way of learning how to become a theatre actor is by getting the right coaching. Voice, dance, and singing coaching are some of the recommended types of coaching that a budding actor should look up and potentially invest in. Being able to build a wide range of different skills is one of the very best ways of guaranteeing long and consistent work.

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