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Top Tips For Great Acting Headshots

Your headshots are one of the most important tools in your box for auditions. A single photograph of your face can get you that audition slot or prevent you from even getting into the room.

It’s a frustrating part of the acting game that so many snap decisions are made from just a photo and maybe a glance at your experience. However, with so many people usually vying for one role, can you blame the casting directors?

The key is to get just the right shot that shows off your face and a little something behind the eyes. You want to draw the viewer in and make them feel like they have to see you in person (or at least on tape). So, how do you do this?

1. Good Posture

Confidence shines through in the way you stand. Shoulders back, spine straight and head up will show the casting directors and producers that you know what you’re about. It also prevents any unwanted bumps and rolls appearing in your body that can make you look like less than your best.

Take some time to look at yourself from slightly different angles. You have to find the right balance between standing confidently and looking forced into the position. The height of your chin is also a big one. Too high and people will be looking up your nostrils; and too low can result in double chins and strange eye lines.

2. Plan Your Outfits

Your clothes need to fit you well and make you feel good. However, they also need to be the right balance of professional without being distracting or taking focus off your face.

Make sure you look for colors that suit your skin tone and hair, and try to avoid anything that is too fashionable and is going to date quickly.

3. Keep Makeup And Styling Simple

The entire point of a headshot to show you off but also make you seem like a blank canvas that your character can be painted onto. If you go for strong makeup or bold styling with accessories and hair, you can box yourself into one kind of role.

Instead, if you have basic makeup on that enhances your features (this is true for women and men), you’ll make your face seem more appealing but ready for a range of different roles, and you’ll enjoy big wins this way.

4. Don’t Over Process The Images

It can be very tempting to edit the images after the shoot – take away the blemishes and wrinkles, slim down the body, neaten up the hair, soften the facial features and so on. This is a slippery slope that can lead to an image that looks nothing like you.

You might love the image because it’s taken away all of your perceived flaws. However, you risk getting a photograph that is essentially lying to the casting director. They will expect someone else to walk into the audition and that’s never a good thing. If you’re going to process the image, only do a few minor tweaks but keep it looking like you.

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