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How To Audition Online

Online auditions and self-tapes are often great tools for the performer or actor that wants to be able to audition for roles that they could not do in person.

And while online auditioning is by no means a new practise, the recent lockdowns has made it that much more appealing for those that want to show off their acting skills without having to risk going out to a physical audition.

It’s important to remember that auditioning online means being able to show off both acting/performance skills, professionalism, and more. For this reason, we have created a list of some of the best tips and tricks to always keep in mind when making an auditioning tape.

1. Limit Disturbances

It’s very likely that an audition self-tape will be made in a home environment, which can sometimes become a hindrance to the actor as there might be disturbances that ruin their takes. Preparation is just as important as making the tape itself, so it’s worth taking the time to ensure that there will be no disturbances that ruin the audition.

From barking dogs to loud televisions to nosy kids, there are a lot of ways that an audition might become unusable, which is why it’s vital to limit any potential disturbances as much as possible.

2. Tripods Are A Good Investment

Tripods can make a huge difference to the overall quality of the audition, allowing for great stability as well as a wider angle on the scene. Tripods are generally quite cheap, and many have special attachments that allow smartphones to be clipped right on.

If a tripod is not available at the time, it might mean having to be creative, and maybe placing the phone, camera, or laptop on top of a tall table or stack of books. As long as the picture is clear, steady and at the right height, it will make the audition seem that much more professional.

3. Lighting Is Important

Another aspect to keep in mind when creating a self-tape is that there is plenty of high-quality lighting, enough to ensure that the video is properly illuminated.

Opening up curtains can significantly increase the overall quality of the video, but investing in some lighting can also help, especially if doing online auditions becomes something of a frequent activity. Lighting can be expensive, but the better-quality videos will go a long way in increasing the chances that the audition will be successful.

4. Quality Camera

Of course, this is not a requirement by any means, especially considering the quality of cameras that can be found on modern smartphones.

But nothing is better than a dedicated camera for capturing a high-quality image or video, doubly so when mounted on a tripod, even if it means playing roulette in Canada to afford one. If getting a hold of a camera is out of the budget, it might be worth looking for a smartphone that’s able to record for long periods in qualities as high as 4K at 60FPS to get the best videos possible.

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